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See below for a message from Troy Douglas, our Regional Head Referee.

Hello Teams,

It seems that there is some confusion with the changes to the rules this year.  One of the major changes this year is the fact that there is a "Home" area, and a "Launch Area".  These are 2 completely different areas, and are different from the "Base" area from previous years.  Please be sure to thoroughly review both Rule 27&28 and the RG22 Update.

Another change this year, is that storage tables at the competition fields will not be available. This is due to the fact that this year, all items (mission models and robot parts must be stored in "Home" at all times during the match, unless the team is about to Launch with said items.  Prior to the start of the match, the team will need to demonstrate to the table referee that they can fit all of their "Equipment" (any items that the team brings to the competition field to use during a match, including the robot, but excluding mission models that are provided) into either the "Small Inspection Area" or the "Large Inspection Area", under an imaginary 12" ceiling. Please be prepared to do this when you arrive at the table and come with a plan to do this quickly, as this is part of your 1-2 minute setup time prior to the start of the match.  If this is starting to delay a match, we may be forced to start the match while the team continues their pre-match inspection, so please come prepared!


Good luck and have a blast as we enter the 2019-2020 season of FIRST LEGO League, CITY

Troy Douglas
FIRST LEGO League Regional Head Referee
FIRST Long Island
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Question: Can a team stack multiple units on top of each other in the home area and then just have their robot push the stack out into a circle?

This is the way numerous YouTube videos are doing it and our team is asking if that is allowed or are they only allowed to push the base unit out and then the others have to be picked up to
stack on top.

Response: Correct,  there is nothing in the rules that states that you can't do that, so your team is good to go.  However, be sure to review the scoring conditions specified in the rule manual (key word is "Independent").  Good luck and have a blast this season! Please remember that while the team will build and swap attachments only in "Home", they must launch with everything completely within the volume of the "Launch Area".  Note that as per Rule 21, the robot and anything that it will be transporting cannot be taller than 12 inches when launching!  Have a great season!