Preparation Day Cargo Connect

There are two parts to Preparation Day for Cargo Connect:

  • 8:30 AM Season updates streaming on our YouTube Channel for season updates
  • 9:45 AM Live Q&A Zoom Webinar with program directors, judge advisors and head referees (Recording available)

Questions and Answers from Preparation Day

I am looking for the configuration chart for the sorting center.

Hopefully this is what you are looking for. The setup guidance for the Sorting Center (M10) is located on Page 10 of the Rulebook. Please note that for each of the 3 runs that you submit for scoring, there must be a different configuration! The light blue container is always on the bottom shelf, the orange container on the middle shelf, and the lime green container on the top shelf. Containers must be in separate bays from each other. Good luck this season!

FLL Cargo Connect Rulebook

Update 11 states that teams should just make sure that each of their 3 runs is a different configuration. Training material stated to follow the dice roll and would be randomized by volunteers every match. Which should we go with?

Please pick 3 different configurations to set up for this mission for your three robot runs. Each robot run needs to have a different setup condition. Please review Update 11.

For M07, is it possible for a team to leave a LEGO piece under the rocking west deck in order to stabilize it?

There is no equipment constraint for this mission, so this is allowed, unless the mission model is broken in the process.

Some of the plane cargo doors are experiencing fatigue after some time. How should we handle this?

Please Review Update 9. We will be taking a closer look at the model as well. Please be sure to squeeze the hinge point of the cargo door together as well during field setup between each robot run to help with this. If possible, also try changing out the hinge pins for new ones every once in a while.